Wedge Wire Screens

We design, manufacture and market a wide variety of wedge wire screens for industrial applications. The basic constructions are cylindrical screens (tubes) made of metal (usually stainless steel) or plastic and welded or looped panels made of metal (usually stainless steel). The screens are used for various applications including flow distribution and carbon retention. They are often used with our other products like underdrains and intake screens. Please contact us to discuss your specific interests or requirements.

To receive cad drawings, quotes or additional product information please contact us.


  • Applications

    • Carbon Retention
    • Catalyst Retention
    • Center Pipes
    • Collectors
    • De-Watering
    • Distributors
    • Filter Elements
    • Filter Leaf Chambers
    • Filter Support Cores
    • Flow Distribution
    • Intake Screens
    • Outlet Baskets
    • Reactor Screens
    • Resin Traps
    • Trap Filters
    • Underdrains


    • Plastic
    • Stainless Steels

    Industries Served

    • Beverage
    Cement Chemical Corn milling Fluid treatment Food processing Mineral processing Petrochemical Petroleum Pharmaceuticals Pulp and paper Sugar Waste water treatment Water Treatment Well water and irrigation
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